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Say What?: British Supermarket Displays ’12 Years A Slave’ With Mannequin Dressed As A Slave

We’ve all made mistakes. We’re human so we’re naturally not perfect. However, whoever thought this display was a good idea REALLY needs to find another line of work. The Independent (UK) posted a story about a supermarket that had a display up for the newly DVD released 12 Years A Slave. Which is all fine and good but they took it one step further and added a mannequin dressed like the title character.

Photo courtesy of The Independent (UK)

Photo courtesy of The Independent (UK)

Yeah.  A shopper snapped this picture and it’s been floating around on Twitter. If you’ll notice, the mannequin is wearing black cropped pants, a torn beige shirt and a twig in the pocket. For effect, I guess. 

Since the photo has gone viral, the store has since apologized and removed the display, noting that it shouldn’t have gone up in the first. Yeah, you think?? Geez.

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