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Beyonce, Girl, Please Stop The Madness!!! Pretty Hurts…

I honestly have not written a lot about the infamous elevator fight because the media has gone overboard milking this story for everything it’s NOT worth. Making up scenarios just so people can have something to read about Beyonce, Solange, and Jay-Z; it’s too much. Secondly, there is a huge double standard when it comes to violence when the woman is the abuser. Somehow people found Solange’s actions funny. Lastly, all families fight, maybe not quite like this, but conflict is a normal part of being in a relationship.

Jay Z Beyonce Solange Family Portrait Beyonce, Girl, Please Stop The Madness!!! Pretty Hurts...

But what is really bothering me is the extent to which Beyonce is going to control her image. Let it go! I never thought that the Knowles-Carter family was perfect, I just thought they were private. I don’t believe anyone is perfect. Now that some of their very private moments have been leaked, which in my opinion humanizes them, they are now going to extremes to make things look perfect, again. Too late! I’m not here for Stepford Bey.

I would much rather Beyonce continue to ignore the headlines, and keep her private affairs private instead of staging pretty photos like this. Pretty hurts, remember! Honestly this is a Kardashian type of move that screams thirsty, and Beyonce’s career is far beyond these type of antics.

Besides, it’s Jay-Z and Solange that everyone is concerned the most about, and not one of these photos released to the media, show Jay-Z or  Solange interacting with each other, or making up. Truth be told, this is Solange’s mess to clean up (elevator-gate, banana-gate, baby-gate), definitely not Bey’s.

I agree with everyone else. It’s time to move on, there’s no need to craft an image that no one is buying a week later after the news cycle has fizzled, UNLESSBeyonce wants the story to stay in the media. O_o

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  1. Excellent Post! To the point! If you post a photo next time put Solange and J togehter hugging…wink!

    • Right! That’s what people are really thinking about, Solange and Jay-Z. Here they are in this picture as far apart as possible. LOL

  2. I was thinking the same thing! Like why front! I think that they never had to explain what happened in the elevator. No need to try your life in the court of public opinion but this here! I mean really when have they ever posed with similar colors and pasted smiles?!? What are they trying to do and why? It seems so weird to me this photo the “family lunch” it is solonge’s mess because clearly she has an issue with controlling her anger. Idk MG ! This whole thing is a head scratcher ????

    • It really is a head-scratcher. It makes you think…is there something worth covering up? Although I’m a blogger, I do believe people have a right to keep their privacy, so it’s odd that Beyonce is playing this media game, instead of just letting the story die. She’s feeding the media monster.

  3. How can the focus be on Solange and Jay when the talk since the fight has been on the state of her marriage with Jay. She has ALWAYS posted pictures of her family and now she can’t because Solo and Jay got in a fight? She isn’t feeding the media monster she is pissing it off because they thought they had a way in to get dirt and shut it and now is putting out her version.

    • 1) People have tried to use the tape to spin it to Beyonce’s marriage, but the problem in the video is not between Beyonce and Solange, or between Beyonce and Jay-Z. Solange was trying to fight Jay-Z, and that’s all the tape shows. We don’t know even know why.

      2) Yes, Beyonce posts family photos, but not to this extent, and not this style. No one says she can’t post pics.

      3) The media monster isn’t pissed by this photo, there’s nothing to be upset over. It will appear on every media outlet. The media sees through the antics because this is not the first “scandal” or PR clean up by a celebrity. Besides the media had its fun for the last week and half with the video and all of the made up scenarios; including a spoof on SNL. The scandal has already died down, and run its course. No need for Bey to even respond.

      4) These pics are as staged as they come!!! The pics still don’t show a union between Jay and Solange, who were the ones fighting. They kept their distance from each other even on the paparazzi shots. All these pic shows is that Beyonce loves her sister and her man, and I for one never doubt that she didn’t. She has already made that clear, through her PR statement, Instagram account, new video, and now these pics.

  4. It’s definitely a double standard when it comes to violence and yall already know that Beyonce will do whatever she has to do to protect her image….

  5. That whole statement was about throwing shade on Jay Z. “He accepts his responsibility in this”? really. She beat him down in public. The family is faker than a three dollar bill.

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