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I honestly have not written a lot about the infamous elevator fight because the media has gone overboard milking this story for everything it’s NOT worth. Making up scenarios just so people can have something to read about Beyonce, Solange, and Jay-Z; it’s too much. Secondly, there is a huge double standard when it comes to violence when the woman is the abuser. Somehow people found Solange’s actions funny. Lastly, all families fight, maybe not quite like this, but conflict is a normal part of being in a relationship.

Jay Z Beyonce Solange Family Portrait

But what is really bothering me is the extent to which Beyonce is going to control her image. Let it go! I never thought that the Knowles-Carter family was perfect, I just thought they were private. I don’t believe anyone is perfect. Now that some of their very private moments have been leaked, which in my opinion humanizes them, they are now going to extremes to make things look perfect, again. Too late! I’m not here for Stepford Bey.

I would much rather Beyonce continue to ignore the headlines, and keep her private affairs private instead of staging pretty photos like this. Pretty hurts, remember! Honestly this is a Kardashian type of move that screams thirsty, and Beyonce’s career is far beyond these type of antics.

Besides, it’s Jay-Z and Solange that everyone is concerned the most about, and not one of these photos released to the media, show Jay-Z or  Solange interacting with each other, or making up. Truth be told, this is Solange’s mess to clean up (elevator-gate, banana-gate, baby-gate), definitely not Bey’s.

I agree with everyone else. It’s time to move on, there’s no need to craft an image that no one is buying a week later after the news cycle has fizzled, UNLESSBeyonce wants the story to stay in the media. O_o

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