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Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud; Faces 30 Years; Wanted To Keep Up With Phaedra’s Lifestyle

So everyone is talking about RHOA Reunion Part 3, where Phaedra delivers her epic read, and Apollo turns into Kenya’s pimp. Many people think Apollo looks like he’s on drugs with his red eyes, honestly I see a man on the edge of tears. It isn’t drugs, Apollo is high on emotions because he already knows his fate. During some of the close-ups you can clearly see the tracks from his tears.

Phaedra Parks Apollo Nida Real Housewife Atlanta RHOA Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud; Faces 30 Years; Wanted To Keep Up With Phaedras Lifestyle

Anyway, Apollo Nida has plead guilty to mail, wire, and bank fraud plus aggravated identity theft. Considering he’s labeled as the leader of this illegal ring, he may face up to 30 years in jail. Factor in his previous stints in jail, we may not seen Apollo for a minute:

In court, wearing a light-colored plaid jacket, Nida accepted charges that could land him in prison for up to 30 years and a fine of up to $1 million on top of restitution for an estimated $2.3 million he allegedly defrauded various individuals, financial institutions and government agencies. Judge Charles Pannell has set the sentencing hearing for July 8 at 2 p.m.

Apollo Nida Bank Fraud Trial Apollo Nida Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud; Faces 30 Years; Wanted To Keep Up With Phaedras Lifestyle

Apollo openly admits in court that he is the sole person responsible and that his wife, Phaedra, has nothing to do with the crime. Phaedra really believed his business was legit. His defense is that he was simply trying to keep up with the lifestyle of his wife, who was bringing in $600,000 from the show. Yeah right!

Nida said in court that he takes “full responsibility for my actions” and expressed regret for hurting his family and any individuals and institutions affected by his fraud. “It was a dumb situation I put myself in,” he said.


He did provide some context for his actions. In 2009, Nida had just left prison after five years for federal racketeering charges related to auto title fraud. He and Parks married and she soon signed on to be part of “Real Housewives of Atlanta.”
Apollo Nida (right) in a sketch in the courtroom with his attorney Thomas Bever (left). CREDIT: Richard Miller via WSB


He said she was making far more money than him and he felt pressure to keep up. (He cited a $600,000 contract for her but didn’t say how long that was supposed to last.) Without easy legitimate ways to make quick money, he opted for this illegal scheme instead. But he claimed to her he was running a legitimate debt recovery firm and kept her firmly in the dark.

Apollo goes on to confess that he almost had a nervous breakdown lying to wife, and keeping up the appearances. You can read the rest of the details via Access Atlanta, including how he used fake businesses to acquire people’s personal information to gain access to checks and loans in their names.

He is one handsome criminal. Perhaps, Kenya is desperate enough to really put money on Apollo’s books. Well, at least Phaedra has a storyline for next season.

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  1. This is when you know your chick ain’t riding with you.

  2. Well, he’s a criminal. I’m married and I would give my husband a harder time if he was cheating on me. Now phaedra is going to be a single mother just like a sperms banks mothers. Karma is a bitch!!

    • I don’t think Phaedra minds at all. She knows Apollo is a criminal, I think this was the plan, he takes the fall and she raises the boys. I don’t think it’s Karma, Phaedra isn’t surprised her husband who has always been a criminal is still a criminal. When he gets out she will be waiting, again.

      • Phaedra is a fool to wait for her husband. He could be doing up to 30 years in prison. Let be real, he cannot be trusted. He mess up so many people lives by stealing their identity. He mess up their credits, and put him through hell. Even though I don’t like phaedra, she deserve a better husband. I can’t imagine apollo being a better husband. This is bigger than kenya Moore, kenya is just doing her. I doubt she will support apollo when he’s in prison.

      • She supported him the first few times, so I wonder, too if she will move on. I agree she deserves more, but for a smart woman, I can’t figure out the loyalty, other than she knew of his illegal dealing, and he’s protecting her.

  3. This is really unfortunate.

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