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RHOA Porsha Williams Glamorous Mug Shot; Warrant Issued For Kenya Assault

Porsha Williams turned herself into the police after an arrest warrant for simple battery was issued for her arrest. She has since posted a $2000 bail, and has been released. Porsha Williams is accused of assaulting Kenya Moore during the reunion taping of Real Housewives of Atlanta. This fake assault case is just a waste of tax payers’ money. Karma wanted Kenya Moore to get her wig snatched on that day, literally, and Porsha just happened to have been the face or body if you will of Karma. But at least Porsha looks flawless in this here mugshot.

Yes, a warrant for simple battery exists, however, she is not in custody. {-Sgt. Gregory Lyon of Atlanta}

Porsha Williams Stewart Mug Shot Mugshot Glam RHOA Porsha Williams Glamorous Mug Shot; Warrant Issued For Kenya Assault

Kenya Moore is pressing charges against Porsha Williams for assaulting her during the reunion special of Real Housewives of Atlanta. This is some bull, but I guess we’ll all play Kenya’s game, so that she can continue to have some relevance this century. I don’t condone violence, maybe a little bit I do, but I’m going to agree with NeNe and say that Kenya Moore has been begging for a beat down since making her debut on the show. Porsha is more than a decade younger than Kenya Moore, it’s really sad that someone as old as Kenya Moore is still being a mean girl, but cries when she gets a real reality check. What’s wrong with these reality stars in their mid 40s?


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  1. umm.. she has the best mugshot ever!
    porsha is looking beautiful.

  2. Yes! Kenya is delusional. She doesn’t seem to account for the part she plays in the mess. She got a reality check indeed.

  3. Kenya Moore got just what she deserved she had pushed poor porsha to the breaking point a round ofapplause to porsha she stood her ground with her abusive husband and to that delusional tramp!!!

  4. Lets keep it real, this chick even looks good as hell in her mug shot. All I can say is wow.

    • Porsha had hair and makeup done for this picture. She does look fab.

  5. This is one of the prettiest mugshots I’ve ever seen

  6. That mugshot tho face beat

  7. A pretty mugshot. . . is still a mugshot.

  8. the prettiest yes but also the dumbest —-she may be jobless and all for wack ass Kenya

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