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Nicki Minaj recently released a new track featuring Chicago rapper Lil Herb entitled“Chi-Raq”. The track was produced by Boi-1da, Vinylz and Allen Ritter. All I can say is Nicki is definitely getting in contact with the old Nicki she once was during her mixtape days. In the track she comes back at Malcolm X’s daughter after she received harsh criticism for the “Looking Ass N*gga” cover. In the track she says:

Malcolm X daughter came at, looking ass n*ggas ain’t happy, rolled out with some Latin Kings and some eses in them plain khaki’s.

Warning: The song is NSFW (Not Safe For Work)


At the end of the track Nicki mentioned she had some tricks up her sleeves until her album The Pink Print comes out, so look forward to some more new music from her until then.

Check out the track when you continue. . .

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