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NBA Commissioner Bans Donald Sterling From NBA Games For LIfe; Fined $2.5 Million

Many have been waiting for NBA Commissioner Adam Sterling to do something bold in response to leak recordings of Donald Sterling justifying his racist ideology to his mistress V Stiviano. Considering that the NBA is 76% black, and the LA Clippers’ head coach Doc Rivers is also black, it’s kind of hard to just turn the other cheek and hide behind the freedom of speech argument. Why would the NBA as an organization want to support or stand behind someone with such views?

Donald Sterling Banned From NBA Racist Remarks NBA Commissioner Bans Donald Sterling From NBA Games For LIfe; Fined $2.5 Million

Due to pressure from the media, NBA teams, and retirees, Commissioner Sterling has handed Donald Sterling the harshest punishment possible, a $2.5 million fine plus a lifetime ban from NBA games. They will immediately put pressure on Sterling to sell the team, as well.

Either way Sterling still wins, he purchased the Clippers for $12 million, they’re now worth over a half of billion dollars. His investment in black people has paid off, although shame will see him leave, he will leave with a lot more money than he started with but with the same amount of contempt in his heart.  Owning black people has made him rich, and disliking them will make him even richer. It’s sad that it took a mistress to really expose him, but it’s even sadder that nothing is really resolved.



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  1. great, now he’ll have time to go get his life… and a facelift.

    • So he can look more like his mistress.

  2. HA, I knew that was coming

  3. So now what is going to happen with this dog dealing chick. Is she going to get in trouble for taping his convo with him not knowing?

  4. This is what happens when you mess with an opportunist. Also in the words of Nene – “you never win when you’re dirty!”

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