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Michael Jackson’s ‘Alleged’ Son — DNA Results Revealed To Be BOGUS!!

So, in case you missed it yesterday, there was a big ole hoopla about a person by the name of Brandon Howard possibly being the son of Michael Jackson and singer Miki Howard.  It was a weird event:  TMZ hosted the DNA result revealing live, as someone by the name of Alki David of FilmOn.com said he had DNA proof proving Michael was Brandon‘s father.  Actor Corey Feldman was there…for who knows WHAT reason.  But, at the end of the reveal, it was determined that Brandon was Michael‘s son.  However, TMZ being as resourceful as they are, went looking further into these claims and guess what?  Turns out it’s BOGUS!! Just like I thought!! Look at what they found:

TMZ MJ DNA bogus Michael Jacksons Alleged Son    DNA Results Revealed To Be BOGUS!!

Photo courtesy of TMZ

TMZ obtained a photo of the DNA doc — allegedly from a testing facility in Ireland called “DNA Lab.” We searched high and low but could find no such generic DNA lab in Ireland.

Skeptical, we investigated — a simple Google image search of “DNA results” turns up a bunch of sample docs with the same exact easily-stealable format as the one we got.

But the coup de grace — we then Google image searched “DNA logo” and the first result … literally … was the same DNA pic used in the “DNA Lab” logo.
And that’s not even the best part — a reverse image search of the logo shows a bunch of results for “Terminator Salvation.” A little more digging revealed the logo was used on PROMOTIONAL T-SHIRTS for the movie.

Can’t say we’re all that shocked.

Woo! Google Images be getting folks all caught up!

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  1. smh nothing left to say

  2. This is just crazy, people do some crazy stuff.

    • I don’t even think it was the alleged son that did this, but some weird media company.

  3. Just crazy for real!

  4. He should be arrested for this foolishness

  5. lol — am i supposed to be surprised.
    they desperate for mj’s cash.

  6. I felt like this story was bogus from the very beginning.

  7. Damn, everyone is coming out of the woodwork to try to get $$$$. I figure it was fake.

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