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Kandi Burruss Set To Marry Todd On April 4th + Bravo To Film Wedding

Kandi Burruss and Todd Tucker have reportedly set a date to marry, April 4th. The reality TV couple will follow NeNe and Greg Leakes and say their “I dos” in front of Bravo’s cameras. Although Mama Joyce still isn’t happy about Kandi choosing to marry Todd, she will be there to support her daughter, so she says:

 I am not excited but I am going. It’s not my wedding.  If she is happy then I am happy for her. If that’s who she wants to marry then I’m happy. As long as she is happy I am happy. Kandi says she is happy so I just have to go by what she says. I’m not going to stand up when they ask if anyone has any objections.  I don’t have anything to say. Everyone knows how I feel.

With all the drama going on this season, I honestly didn’t think they would make to down the aisle.

kandi burruss todd tucker Kandi Burruss Set To Marry Todd On April 4th + Bravo To Film Wedding

So Congrats to Kandi and Todd, if they can make through Mama Joyce, they can make it through anything! via Radar Online

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  1. ugh – does she really need a TV special for this?

  2. Her mother is disgusting. At this point she should keep her opinion to herself.

  3. Her mother needs to butt out!

  4. Listen to ur mama girl, they are always right, something fishy about todd

    • Really?!? I don’t see it. He doesn’t anything, yet.

  5. congrats

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