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LH&H Benzino Shot By His Nephew During Mother’s Funeral

Raymond “Benzino” Scott a cast member of the popular reality show, Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta, and former owner of The Source magazine, has been shot multiple times just south of Boston, MA while on his way to his mom’s funeral, by his nephew, Gai Scott. Talk about a dysfunctional family? On the day of Gai’s grandmother’s funeral, he decides to try and kill his Uncle Benzino, while he and his uncle are traveling to the church for the funeral. How can you hate a family member so much that you use a funeral as the most opportune time to try and commit murder…in broad day light with several witnesses?

Benzino Shot By Nephew At Mom Funeral LH&H Benzino Shot By His Nephew During Mothers Funeral

Needless to say his nephew, Gai Scott has been arrested and is facing assault charges with intent to murder. So he will be going to jail for a long time because “tensions” between him and his uncle have been escalating. Other than “escalating tensions”, there is no clear motive as to why their feud has lead to this moment. Luckily Benzino is in stable condition and recovering well from the wounds. The bullets pierced his arms and grazed his back. Check out the details according to MTV:

Plymouth County District Attorney Timothy J. Cruz issued a statement that confirmed that there has been “growing family tension” between Benzino and his nephew, who fired multiple shots into the rapper’s SUV shortly before noon yesterday. Both men, were headed to the funeral. “At some point when the cars were side by side, Gai Scott fired several shots into the red Dodge SUV being driven by Raymond Scott,” the statement read.

Gai Scott was arrested and charged with armed assault with intent to murder.


Benzino Shot By Nephew At Moms Funeral LH&H Benzino Shot By His Nephew During Mothers Funeral

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  1. wow – benzino’s gotta pull through on this one. how can ur own family member shoot you. damn

  2. He missed his mothers funeral, and beat death…find it crazy that he has time and energy to take pics for social media. smh. A simple statement should have sufficed.

  3. Just wondering why is Benzino’s left arm bandaged in one shot and then in the other shot his right arm is bandaged? Just asking…

  4. Hey guys did you hear the interview TMZ just did with Benzino? I just posted it over on my website. This is just bad all the way around. I feel for the family members put in the middle of this war, Anyone feel me?

  5. This is very sad. I hear that it happened over money. Why would you shoot your uncles and esp. at his Moms funeral…So crazy.

  6. this situation is a hot ass mess!! the nephew is saying self defense now

  7. Wow the nephew is now saying self defense

  8. Who’s idea was it for Benzino to take all those damn selfies after he got shot???

  9. obviously wasnt that serious seeing that he posted pics on instagram hours later. LOL

  10. I really wanna know why he taking so many damn selfies after being shot

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