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Basketball Wives Separate Interviews On Arsenio – Battle Of The Cast Mates

Sadly it has come to this, the cast of Basketball Wives LA is divided, which really isn’t news, but it’s gotten so bad that the ladies have to conduct separate interviews on Arsenio to avoid fighting. So Jackie Christie, Brittish, and Sundy have teamed up against Malaysia Pargo, Brandi, and Draya. Honestly, if you’re on Team Jackie then you need to reevaluate your life and take a real inventory because there’s nothing good coming from that team on this show.

Arsenio Hall: I had some other ladies here, and could have gotten another couch, or a longer couch, but it was recommended to me today that I do you all in separate quadrants. Is it that bad?

If you’ve seen the show this season, you already know the new girls, better yet Jackie’s puppets are starting the season off with nothing but classless drama. It is that bad Arsenio! Check out the first interview with Jackie and her minions, as they talk about Draya’s past as an “exotic dancer”.

And that’s a nice way to put it, as you watch the show this season you’ll see exactly what Draya does and where she came from.

Draya hasn’t denied ever being a dancer or making poor parenting choices, but in part two of the Arsenio interview she clearly explains:

I’ve laid at lot of things to rest and I would like to be appreciated for my growth and not things that I’ve done that I can’t really change that strangers are bringing up…I’ve grown on TV and I’ve been on the show for three years. The people that followed me and watched me they grew up as well.

I’m so tired of these old women picking on Draya. Not once have they ever tried to help her grow, but instead they use Draya’s storyline to further their insecurities. For the record, Sundy has a child by a married man, can we please get her to stop acting like she’s somehow better than Draya, when she lived the same lifestyle. Like I said this all too much.

Oh and Draya also explains that the little incident at the Uptown Magazine Pre-Oscars Party with Sundy was over the comments Sundy made in Part One of the Arsenio interview with Team Jackie. Check out those details via Impeccable Imperfections.


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