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Video: Ray Rice Dragging Fiancee After Club Fight…Is She Drunk???

Baltimore Ravens’ running back, Ray Rice was reportedly in a fight with his fiancee, Janay Palmer, while at Revel Casino, in Atlantic City the day after Valentine’s Day. The two were arrested for misconduct which also included domestic violence– just shortly after the hotel footage (below). In the video Rice can be seen dragging Janay out of the elevator. Janay seems unable to move until she’s out of the elevator. Honestly, to me she looks inebriated, but TMZ is describing Janay as being out cold, as in she was knocked out.

Either way this video doesn’t really help anyone’s case. At this moment Ray Rice is not speaking to the media about the situation, and according to his lawyer Ray Rice is waiting for his day in court, if it comes to that.

However, the video that’s being posted by TMZ Sports is not the complete event, but is merely the end result of what transpired. We’ll assure the public that when this matter is fully tried and completed, you’ll have a better understanding of what happened and we ask the public to reserve making any judgment until all of the facts come out.

Ray Rice Girlfriend Janay Palmer Fiancee Video: Ray Rice Dragging Fiancee After Club Fight...Is She Drunk???

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  1. Why does anyone care? That man has money, she won’t leave, she will stay for the money.

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