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Trey Songz Responds to Nicki Minaj’s “Looking Ass N*gga” Track With “Look At You”

Here we go! After Nicki Minaj released the video to what seems to be her new controversial track “Looking Ass N*igga” earlier this week, men all over the world seemed to feel some kind of way. Not to mention that the video was released right before Valentine’s Day, so a lot of men had something to say about Nicki Minaj and any other woman that may have considered them to be “looking ass n*gga’s”. Now stepping into the ring to represent for the fellas is Trey Songz as he snaps back with the remix “Look At You”.

Like the original, this track is NSFW

trey6 Trey Songz Responds to Nicki Minajs Looking Ass N*gga Track With Look At You

Check out the track when you continue. . .

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  1. I feared this would happen. I liked Nicki’s message, but her delivery was wack. There are no winners here.

    • I’m just getting old because the n-word just makes me cringe, now. Too much

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