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K Michelle Performs “Can’t Raise A Boy” On Arsenio

I’m not going to lie, Can’t Raise A Man by K Michelle is one of my favorite songs right now, it’s on constant rotation. The first time I heard this song was on the season finale of Love & Hip-Hop New York, even though it’s featured on her mix tape, Zero F@$% Given. The singer stopped by Arsenio to defend her “outgoing” personality, and to perform her latest hit:

You know what you see of me at that moment. You will react the same way as me to a lot of those situations. I’m just bold enough to do it in your face and not care. So, those reactions from those blogs and everything, I make their hits go up. So they should thank me and or maybe even send me a check.

Or blogs help keep you relevant by posting your bold in your face reactions…Thankfully, K Michelle has a voice that’s separate from her reality TV persona, check it out below:

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  1. Cool performance

  2. I love me some K.Michelle

  3. K. Michelle killed it yo. Great post

  4. love k. michelle.
    i think she has so much more to give, especially since she had singing lessons from an early age.

  5. Love this song…..

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