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Kim Kardashian $500K Indecent Proposal Leads To Racist Drama?

Kim Kardashian must not be to “bound” by Kanye West because she agreed to accompany Richard Lugner, an Austrian businessman, to the Vienna Annual Opera Ball for $500,000. I know $500,000 is a lot of money, but Kim is worth several million, and she’s getting engaged to a man also worth several million, so why is she pimping herself out to this dirty old man for some coins?

Well, her little indecent proposal backfired, when Kim got more than what she bargained for from the event…

Screen Shot 2014 02 28 at 3.14.52 PM Kim Kardashian $500K Indecent Proposal Leads To Racist Drama?

I guess Kim thought she would just take the money, and run, but it turns out Mr. Lugner was trying to get his money’s worth, causing the reality star to flee the engagement early. Kim claims the billionaire kept trying to touch her and get her alone in a room. He DID pay $500,000, so what exactly did she expect? After the old man complained that Kim was annoying him the whole night but not falling the script, Kim ran to TMZ to tell her side of the story which included black face, racism, and the n-word.

Kim was paid $500K to be the guest of Richard Lugner, an Austrian businessman who has a long history of paying starlets half-a-mil to be his arm candy at the Vienna Annual Opera Ball.

Lugner just did an interview trashing Kim for not sticking to the program, saying, “Kim is annoying me.”

But we’re told she was taking pics with Lugner when a guy who was working the ball came up to her … IN BLACK FACE acting like he was Kanye.  She walked away from the guy, but had to stay another hour and a half.

The final straw.  A short time later a guy came up to Kim and asked her to dance.  She said she wasn’t a good dancer, and then the guy responded, he would dance with her if the orchestra played “N****rs in Vienna.”

Kim is saying there were other problems.  She told her people Lugner was aggressive, at times grabbing her and imploring her to lose her security.  She said Lugner was trying to be alone with her.

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  1. DAMN!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Kim will do anything for $$ She is nothing but a high paid whore.

  3. I would feel sorry for her if her lame ass hadn’t signed on to be someone’s “escort” while she has a baby sitting at home and a fiance… doing whatever the hell he’s doing. Where the hell they do that at? Kanye is an idiot. He’s trying to legitimize a bargain basement whore and refuses to see that it just won’t work. But he wifed her though.

    He looks up to Jay Z so much… you’d think he’d have heard “Is That Your B*ch” by now.

  4. Why on earth is she playing escort to begin with? This nonsense was God’s way of telling her not to do that type of work again.

  5. Well, technically she is a high priced whore that’s how she got her claim to fame. She sold her soul and dignity on a sex tape out of desperation to be famous. This chick has no morals anything for money.

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