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Mrs. Grapevine Exclusive: Jade Ashley Talks With Bridget Kelly About Black History Month, Her Music, Kendrick Lamar & More. . .

Yesterday I had the pleasure of talking with Bridget Kelly in conjunction with Music Choice to showcase their Black History Month programming. When asked who she felt was influential within Black History or history in general, Bridget named both Oprah Winfrey and First Lady Michelle Obama as two women who are great influences among today’s generation. She talked about wanting to follow in Beyonce’s foot steps by doing a visual album or concept. I also talked with her about her past and future projects, both her Every Girl EP (2011) and her Cut To. . .Bridget Kelly EP (2013) as well as her upcoming debut album Something Different (2014). With the 2014 Grammy Awards still fresh in our minds I wanted to know her thoughts on her “Street Dreamin” collaborator Kendrick Lamar not taking home an award that night and she said:

I think he was robbed, but I also know that it’s a game of politics and I think sometimes as artist we overlook it, what I will say is next year is going to be a year that he receives a lot more acknowledgement


Check out more quotes from the interview when you continue. . .

Jade Ashley: Because this is Black History Month, I want to know who do you look up to or who do you feel has made a big contribution when it comes to making Black History or just history period?

Oprah Winfrey and Michelle Obama: I think the amazing thing about Oprah, the amazing thing about the First Lady is that they both are able to touch people in a way that doesn’t pertain to the color of their skin but they’re still incredible representatives of Black America.

Jade Ashley: Also in the month of February there’s Valentine’s Day of course, so how did you spend your Valentine’s Day. I know a few months ago on The Breakfast Club you had mentioned that you were dating a personal trainer, are you guys still together?

I was working last Friday, I was in New Orleans I had a show during All-Star Weekend. Even though I couldn’t be with the one I love, I was still able to do what I love, which is perform, so that was pretty cool.

So much more to learn about this incredible artist. Please check out my full interview below with Bridget Kelly, and let me know what you think.

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