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The Difference Between Jay’s Verse & Kanye’s Verse On “Drunk In Love”

I posted an excerpt from Kanye’s verse with the title, “Kanye West Kills Drunk In Love Remix”. Normally in hip-hop the word “kill” usually implies a good thing, in this case I really mean kill, as in ruin this song for me. So basically I’m agreeing with Amber Rose, when she tweeted, “F*ck! My fav song is ruined. Smh.”

Kanye’s verse is hot in terms of the hip-hop norm, misogynistic lyrics, but not hot when describing the relationship between him and his future wife. It’s kind of insulting to Kim!

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Cheats On Amber Bush

Jay Z’s lyrics are already controversial, so I’m not trying to defend them, but at least Jay Z knows how to walk the line of vulgarity. He doesn’t go into details about how freaky his wife is, but instead talks about how he takes care of Beyonce, and he does it by using some interesting and controversial metaphors. He hints at Beyonce’s freaky actions by referring to her words. It is Beyonce who says she’s the baddest [beep] thus far, but ultimately Jay Z’s verse is about how he leaves his wife weak from his expert “foreplay” skills. In other words he would go to great lengths to please his wife, as the “head” of his household. *pun intended*

Kanye West on the other hand, talks about Kim Kardashian as if she’s a nameless face on back of a tour bus. We’ve all seen the Ray J sex tape, I mean we have all “heard” about the Ray J sex tape. So why isn’t Kanye West using his lyrics to elevate Kim’s reputation, why is he objectifying her mistakes all over again? Why isn’t Kanye protecting and covering Kim’s honor? Why isn’t he re-inventing Kim; she has been trying to do this for years? Does Kanye think this method will work, just as he thinks promoting the confederate flag will reverse racism?

Check out the lyrics (below), Kanye basically says that he’s marrying Kim Kardashian because she can swallow well, and that the only thing she has going for herself are her cakes. Sadly, that is what most of the world thinks of Kim.

Now you got your own money, you don’t need nobody else | But far as hell with all that ass, I think you gon’ need some help
Let me remind you, you got a, you got a great future behind you | You gotta tell me what we tryna do

After all the money you earned, still show daddy what you learned | That cowgirl, you reverse that cowgirl
You reverse, you reverse, and I pregnated your mouth, girl | That’s when I knew you could be my spouse, girl

Told you give the drummer some, now the drummer cummin’ | I’m pa rum pa pum pumin’ all on your stomach

I’m struggling, as a wife, to figure out how this song is flattering to Kim, his daughter’s mother. Notice there is no reference to how Kanye takes care of Kim, except to continually bust on her for lack of a better word. No reference to what lengths Kanye would go to return the favor. The whole verse is about how naughty Kim is or better yet how his housewife will still remain a _____.

Yeah, tonight I see some super freaky hoes | That could go from bein’ strippers to a super C.E.O
I don’t know the way you do it, but you do it to me though | And you always told your girlfriends you need you a TV show

From h*e-status to CEO status? So now that Kim is no longer on the come-up her “skills” still come in handy to Kanye. Considering this is her third attempt at marriage, not sure if that even makes Kanye West special, except that he gets Kim while she’s rich. Somehow that means he wins, even though Kim has proven that she knows how to get the ring…again, and again, and again, and AGAIN!

Sounds like Kanye has some serious insecurities over this sex tape because he keeps bringing it up in his songs. I can’t help but wonder why he isn’t exposing himself in the same manner or sharing his sexual skills in this song, or releasing his sex tape. I can’t understand why the lyrics aren’t ultimately about him taking care of home. I’m not sure if this verse suggests that there is something wrong with Kanye, or even worse, something is terribly wrong with Kim for allowing this. I think this is why people are giving them to the 35th of Nevuary!

Kim Kardashian Engaged To Kanye West

BTW, getting married has never been the problem…


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