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Beyonce’s Little Brother Nixon Looks Like Beyonce! First Look At Matthew’s Son

Inside Edition has an exclusive interview with Matthew Knowles’s mistress, Alexsandra Wright. Alexsandra Wright carried on an 18 month affair with Matthew Knowles who had been married to Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles for 31 years. Honestly, I don’t feel sorry for Alexsandra Wright because she was a willing participant, so reap what you sow. However, at the center of all this is a beautiful young boy who is innocent of his parent’s failure and his name is Nixon Alexander Knowles (4), and he looks a lot like his big sister. That smile!

Beyonce Little Brother Nixon Alexander Matthew Knowles Beyonces Little Brother Nixon Looks Like Beyonce! First Look At Matthews Son

Beyonce Baby Pic Beyonces Little Brother Nixon Looks Like Beyonce! First Look At Matthews Son

Now back to Alexsandra Wright who is taking her custody and child support battle to the media, since Matthew Knowles isn’t reportedly dealing with things privately. During the interview with Inside Edition, Alexsandra Wright claims that Matthew Knowles tried to give their son Nixon Alexander to Beyonce and Jay-Z to raise. *side -eye them lies* She also claims that as a woman in her 40′s, she will have to go on public assistance (welfare) to raise her child because Matthew Knowles is behind on his child support. *side-eye child support is not a career*

Check out the video below, it will definitely make you go hmmmm

If you can’t watch the video at work, here are a few excerpts from the interview:

Wright tells Moret:  “You’ve seen more of my son today than he has.”

Wright says that she will have to file for public assistance because Matthew Knowles hasn’t paid $32,000 in court-ordered child support.

Wright: “I tried everything to not have it public, but unfortunately that’s just not the way that Matthew chose to deal with this.”

Wright claims that Matthew Knowles suggested that she hand over her son to Beyonce and Jay-Z so that they could raise Nixon as their own, before their daughter Blue Ivy was born. But goes on to say that she doesn’t blame Beyonce, who is now estranged from her father.

Wright: “I don’t expect Beyonce to take accountability. It’s not her problem. It’s not her situation.”

Wright tells Inside Edition that she doesn’t plan to stop fighting until Matthew Knowles takes responsibility for her son.

Wright: “I’m going to stand up and I’m going to fight, and I’m going to fight the next day because that’s the only way to give him his identity.”

Alexsandra Wright Matthew Knowles Mistress Beyonces Little Brother Nixon Looks Like Beyonce! First Look At Matthews Son

I’m still upset she’s trying to make an affair sound like a legitimate relationship. She helped Matthew break up his marriage and his family, and now she’s using their son as a pawn in the media to get them coins. SMH! Well for the sake of the child, I hope everyone will grow up and act right.

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  1. he looks just like the mother

  2. I can’t even watch this. O_o

  3. I hate the child has to suffer but that’s what she get for being a home wrecking ho! She thought she was going to trap Matthew and live the good live off of Beyonce’s empire. I don’t feel sorry for her.

    • I so agree with you, I feel bad for the child, who had NO FAULT in this mess, but I can’t feel sorry for a woman who helped a man to cheat on his wife. You can’t tell me she didn’t know he was married in the age of google.

  4. This boy don’t look nothing like Beyoncé but I would say he has Matthew color/lips. Stop *naming Beyoncé brother all the time and start saying Solange brother. People already knows Solange will tell everyone to go to hell and talk to Matthew who the kid belongs to.

    • I added a baby pic of Beyonce, and I think they have the same smile and ears. Check out the baby pics and compare. I didn’t say Solange’s brother because Solange barely looks like she related to Beyonce. I know she’s definitely the one to tell it like it is, even if it’s Matthew’s baby it’s still her brother by blood. I wihs people didn’t let their hurts interfere with their relationships.

  5. You make that much in child support and go broke once it stops. When will these idiots learn that Child Support isn’t Spousal Support. It to provide for the child not you.

  6. Within time maybe Solange and Beyoncé will meet their half brother, but in no way are they responsible for the care of raising him. Matthew needs to help raise his son and do his part in child support. If Matthew can’t finally do want the court 1st amended him to do, go back to court to get that reduce upon legal records produce and take care of your son. Also the mother needs to get up off her a** and get a job to help take care of her child. Stop thinking your child should have the life that Blue Ivy has because of her parents, your child is not their responsibility and to them you and sorry to say at this point and time your son to them is a non factor. Give them time to come around, remember you tore up their family and produce a child thru shame from their eyes. Stop going to the media and fight this in court with Matthew and mostly go get a job.

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