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Angie Martinez Has Unaired Interview Of Tupac – To Be Released

During an interview with Sway, Angie Martinez of Hot 97, reveals she has at least two hours of audio from an interview she did with Tupac way back in the day when she was 22. The reason she never aired the interview is because she was scared someone would get kill. Apparently it was right in the middle of all of the East Coast V. West Coast drama, and according to Angie Martinez, Tupac was very vocal and passionate in the interview. Just listening to Sway and Angie Martinez talk about this mystery interview gives me chills.

Now that some time has passed, Angie Martinez is ready to release the interview for one of her Throwback Thursdays segments.

P.S. - This interview comes right on the heels of some good news…Tupac’s Biopic has been confirmed with John Singleton taking over the script and the directing the movie. I don’t know who will play Tupac, just yet, but they certainly have some BIG shoes to fill.

Ooooh! I’m so excited about this interview being released. I will be checking Angie Martinez’s site every Thursday until it’s posted…Stay Tuned!

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  1. All I can say is wow!

  2. Angie has been in the radio industry since the mid 90s. She better release the interview real soon. Haha

    • She said she did the interview when she was 22. Tupac died in 96′, so her math is off by two or three years because she’s 43 and it hasn’t been 20 years since his death, yet.

  3. This is major for Hot 97 – they need some positive shine after the Mister Cee drama and Power 105.9 killing it in the morning.

  4. Very deep interview

  5. that was a good clip

  6. Speechless…

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