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Tia & Tamera In Tears Over Racists Comments Over Interracial Marriage

I still can’t believe we’re dealing with this in 2014. Ugh! However social media allows people to say the meanest things for no apparent reason except to be hateful. Tamera Mowry Housley, a very positive person in this awful industry and a Christian role model if I may add, is brought to tears during an interview for Where Are They Now on OWN because people constantly want to tweet hateful comments to her about her marriage. I guess since they’re twins, Tia Mowry gets her share of it, too.

Check out this open and honest video of Tia & Tamera discussing interracial marriage and the social media backlash. I know it’s hard to ignore the negative comments, but just know the large majority of people support these twins and their union.

Tia Tamera Talk Hateful Comments Interracial

* woo-woo*

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