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Rihanna Got A Football Crush On Mychal Kendricks For The New Year…

Rihanna is on Instagram stirring up a little trouble by tweeting a picture of Mychal Kendricks (95), linebacker for the Philadelphia Eagles for Man Crush Monday. Normally we wouldn’t pay Rihanna any mind, but Mychal Kendricks IS definitely her boy type. Why all the sudden interest in football, we all know RiRi is a basketball girl? Only time will tell, if Rihanna is just happy the Philadelphia Eagles are in the playoffs…Oh wait they lost to the Saints by two yesterday, so that’s not it. It’s post season in the NFL, so there isn’t any Monday Night football, Rihanna. hmmmm…

Is she trying to make someone jealous, or is she about to make her move after scouting herself a new man? Let’s hope it’s a NEW MAN!!!

We see you Rihanna, but we’re going to ignore the fact that he’s Chris Brown-ish, though? Check out more pics of Rihanna’s man crush below:

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