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VH1 Reality Star Real Recovers From Successful Cancer Surgery

VH1 has started a TON of careers for reality stars and brothers Chance and Real were one of the most memorable.  So it was surprising when not too long ago people heard that Ahmad Givens, AKA Real, was suffering from colon cancer.  Well according to TMZ, he’s on the road to recovery, following a successful surgery.

Ahmad Givens Real Colon Cancer VH1 Reality Star Real Recovers From Successful Cancer Surgery

A rep for Ahmad Givens a.k.a. Real tells us … when doctors began operating Wednesday night they thought he had colon cancer.  Turns out it was stage 4 rectal cancer and they were able to remove it all.

But there was another problem.  Real also had 7 tumors in his liver.  Doctors removed all but a small portion that was deep in the liver.  The docs are hopeful … with radiation they can eliminate the remnants of his liver cancer.

That’s good news!  Cancer is a horrible disease; I hope a cure is found soon. Until then, our prayers go out to Real and his family.

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  1. Congrats great news he is recovering!

  2. that good news for hi glad he is recovering

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