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Dear Megyn Kelly, Santa Claus Is “Black As Hell”…SNL Skit

By now, I know you’ve all heard that Megyn Kelly of Fox News in order to drum up some publicity proclaimed that Santa is white, and so is Jesus.  I must say that I was thoroughly entertained by the whole ordeal because it was the first time that I saw my Black Conservatives friends in a uproar with Fox News (…as if this type of mess doesn’t happen all of the time). To refresh your memory, this is what Megyn Kelly said in response to an article on Slate questioning the ethnicity of Santa Claus:

Just because it makes you feel uncomfortable doesn’t mean it has to change. Jesus was a white man, too. He was a historical figure. That’s a verifiable fact — as is Santa.

Well Santa Claus has something to say about this, and he picked SNL of all shows to make it clear that he is “black as hell”:

I will keep it light regarding Megyn Kelly’s white Jesus comments. BTW, she’s trying to walk back her Jesus comments and pass it off as a joke. She’s now proclaiming it was just “tongue-in-cheek” humor. Dear Megyn Kelly, I could write an essay, but for right now we will just laugh!

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  1. she is a freakin fool and they keep saying whatever they want F fox

  2. Ignorance is bliss

  3. White Jesus killed me. Megan’s needs to learn her history. There were no European Jews 2000+ years ago, so Jesus couldn’t be white. Europeans converted to Judaism about 100 years after the death of Christ.

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