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Will The Real Kanye Please Stand Up? Old Footage Kanye 2002

Let me just say Kanye 2002 is very different from Kanye 2013. Obviously people grow and change over time, we call that maturing. However, this Kanye’s speech has changed, from trying too hard to sound urban to now talking like a valley girl. This Kanye has a hard time articulating his words at times, too, but he’s a lot more humble and hungry. You can see how much he loves his mother, and how much his mom has influenced this younger Kanye. You can tell he has real world experiences outside of the Hollywood bubble and values he wants to hold on to strongly. This Kanye would date an around the way girl, and would be the life of the party as the hip-hop nerd. This Kanye doesn’t wear leather skirts, either.

I feet like everything that anybody ever said in life would be a disadvantage to me, I’m a make it my advantage…I’m a use everything that everyone says that I can’t do or  I’m a flip it to the positive. Like I look at everything as glass half full and half empty. It’s like I’m the type of person that I don’t hold grudges. One of my best friends made a song dissing me, and I looked at all the positives in the situation.

The interview is long, but it’s nice to hear him talk about his faith; wanting to do the right thing, but sometimes falling short; ignoring aggression in hip-hop; and letting his light shine for God. We also know he’s been an under dog all his life. People have constantly called him crazy or stupid for living outside the box, but back then he just proved them wrong with his talent, and not with his tantrums. He  vows to always speak the truth while staying ghetto. Most importantly he says he will never change. Oh Kanye! We want that old thing back…


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