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Terrence Howard Claims Robert Downey Jr Pushed Him Out Of ‘Iron Man’ Series

Everyone’s favorite moisturized curl wearin’, shaky voice acting actor is back in the news! Hooray! Terrence Howard stopped by Bravo‘s Watch What Happens Live, which is one of the best messy shows on television.  During a segment where they take call-in questions, a fan of the Iron Man series asked Terrence why he wasn’t a part of the second and third film. And Terrence decided to “keep it real”.

Terrence Howard on Watch What Happens Live Terrence Howard Claims Robert Downey Jr Pushed Him Out Of Iron Man Series

Terrence basically said, after the first movie, they decided they could pull off the series successfully with or without him, so they offered him less than what was contracted.  When he reached out to Robert Downey for some help, he said Robert didn’t call him for 3 months.  Ouch.  What really gets me is how Terrence insists that he helped create Downey‘s successful Iron Man character. *SIDE EYE* Bruh.  Come on, now.  Check out the clip below


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  1. Odd Robert Downey Jr seems like such a nice guy, I don;’t buy it.

    • RDJr was also such junkie that he went to jail more than once because of it and now? It’s as if that never happened. My point is this; never say never. I don’t doubt he’s got something about him that makes him extremely forgivable and likeable by peers and fans alike but, that also doesn’t mean what Terrence Howard says isn’t true.

      • There is something about Terrence Howard that just rubs people the wrong way, even as a junkie, RDJr never came across as entitled or mean spirited.

  2. The way he “read” Robert Downey Jr. Though. Too funny. Messy boots! Lol

  3. Terence’s mouth and attitude is his undoing. You know they had to pay Don Cheadle more to replace him.

    • I like Don Cheadle better, so that’s a win-win for me.

  4. i believe him kinda messy though

  5. Wow, I did forget that Terrence was in the first Iron Man!

  6. Oh damn, didn’t know that

  7. I don’t know what to think about this one.

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