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George Zimmerman Claims Pregnant Girlfriend Went Crazy On Him

george zimmerman mugshot 11 George Zimmerman Claims Pregnant Girlfriend Went Crazy On HimGeorgie is forever a victim! Let’s see: First it was the undercover cop’s fault he was assaulted by Georgie; then it was his ex-fiance’s fault she was assaulted; it was Trayvon Martin’s fault he was assaulted and killed; it was his soon-to-be ex-wife’s fault she and her family were threatened with assault; and now it’s his pregnant girlfriend’s fault, too.

If you haven’t heard, George Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violence during an altercation with his pregnant girlfriend, Samantha Scheibe (he’s not even divorced from his wife, Shellie, yet). Samantha accused the acquitted killer of breaking and smashing items in her home, pushing her out the door of her house, and pointing a long barrel shotgun in her face.

But to be fair, there are two sides to every story, so let’s listen to Georgie’s side where he reveals that everything is actually his crazy girlfriend’s fault, and he’s totally innocent yet again, and again, and again…and AGAIN!!! He called the 911 dispatcher while cops was outside the home, just to tell his side of the story, so that it will be leaked to us all. So here it goes:

P.S. – This isn’t the first act of violence between Zimmerman and his new girl, Samantha. During the arraignment,we learned that Georgie choked Sam during a prior domestic incident…I mean allegedly choked Sam. icon wink George Zimmerman Claims Pregnant Girlfriend Went Crazy On Him


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  1. This guy thinks he’s non-stopable

  2. I think all the Zimmerman supporters are getting a glimpse of the man Trayvon met that night.

  3. He’s such a jack ass. Karma is a bitch.

    • Shaking my head at him. Take the blame once in a while

  4. Your not serious! Zimmerman needs to just be put sown like a straight

  5. His is such a loser he should be locked up!

    • I hate to say it, but it’s probably best or he will self destruct. He kind of reminding me of George Zimmerman right now.

  6. Amen! He is wrong! He should man up!

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