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This Doesn’t Look Like Kerry Washington, Though! Lucky Magazine Cover

Kerry Washington has been on the cover of many magazines, but Harpo, who dis woman?!? That’s not the Kerry Washington I watch every Thursday on ABC’s Scandal as Olivia Pope, perhaps it’s another famous Kerry Washington on this cover of Lucky magazine. According to our friends at Cotten Kandi, gladiators are outraged.

Sadly, many people are outraged over the skin tone. Really?!? They feel like Kerry Washington looks several shades darker. The color isn’t the real problem here. Black people’s skin color changes shades often throughout the year but they still look like themselves. Besides most magazines lighten their covers to make celebrities “glow”. The real problem with this cover is that someone at Lucky photoshopped Mrs. Asomugha beyond recognition.

Kerry Washington Lucky Magazine Cover This Doesnt Look Like Kerry Washington, Though! Lucky Magazine Cover

Lucky about to have some bad luck…because that’s not Kerry. They better call Olivia Pope.

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  1. I’m not a fan of this cover at all, and Kerry is a very cute girl

  2. This really isn’t a good pict of her

  3. this looks like naomi campbell

  4. too much photoshop under the eyes, it’s thrown the whole cover off.

  5. So sad what they did to her because she is a good looking women!

  6. I would never say this is Kerry if I didn’t see her name on the cover.

  7. yea not a good photo

  8. I saw the cover and had NO idea it was her until I read it was her. It isn’t the skin tone that looks jacked. It’s the hair, the expression and just poor butt photography. It made me wonder if the subject is given a looksee before it’s given a go and if she said “ooh, I look FAB!” then I just gotta blame pregnancy hormones for this one.

    • This was just poor skills at play. The picture was all wrong, and they should have chosen a different one. If this was the best picture, then perhaps they needed to start over.

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