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Ciara Could Care Less What You Think! Blended Family Photos

Ciara is in love with Future, and they are engaged and soon they will be married. Apart of unconditional love is accepting everything about your partner, including his past. Although Ciara has not confirmed those pregnancy rumors (even though we all have eyes and can clearly see the baby bump), she’s definitely working on becoming the best wife and step mother she could be. Check out Ciara with her new family below at a Future concert:

Ciara Future Baby Mamas Blended Family Ciara Could Care Less What You Think! Blended Family Photos

[India, Future's sister Tia, Ciara, Brittni]

Ciara will have to form a relationship with these women because all of the children will have the same father, Future. Now that Ciara has the ring, it looks like the ladies have also buried the hatchet, and hopefully there won’t be anymore twitter feuds or public fights.  Keep it private ladies!  More pics with the kids when you continue:

Ciara New Blended Family Future Ciara Could Care Less What You Think! Blended Family Photos

Ciara Future Baby Mama Blended Family Ciara Could Care Less What You Think! Blended Family Photos


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  1. go head i guess they all have to get along

  2. I guess they will be like Lil Wayne, and his crew….which is a good thing.

  3. lol…but we know Brittni can’t stand Ciara…they being cute, tho…for the kids.

  4. I really have a new found respect for Ciara. This is what grown women do. Despite how many baby mamas and children being mature about the situation is best for everyone!

  5. I’m happy for Ciara. She seems happy.

  6. Yes she want care and will be happy until he decides to get him a number 6/Gf/baby mama. I’m sorry but a negro with a track record like this can’t be trusted!!!! A a ring nor marriage will make any difference. I mean what really what does he have to lose if Ciara gets mad or upset he has spares on all sides!!!

  7. Poor Ciara, I hope the D_CK is worth it, because this is a photo opportunity for those women, she is a celebrity. The more Ciara flash the benefits of being with Future (ring, house, etc.) the more and more the mother of his children will become bitter and make her life hell. Relationships these days are hard, with all the competition, why add children with different mothers in the picture, this should have been a warning sign for Ciara, this guy is a whore. Where is Ciara’s parents, I know she is a grown woman, her mother should have warned her about men like this.

    • Honestly future is no different than a woman who has children with different men so you’re just being a true hypocrite by all means how many children do you have and how many different fathers ok it’s called making irresponsible human choices.So look at your own self in the mirror I am quite sure it’s about a million fingers pointing back at you so please stop judging because god is the only true judge.Those children are innocent and have nothing to do with the decisions that the parents chose to do it can’t be changed now what matters now is that these woman has to to come together as mature adults and remain humble enough so.They can do what is best for their children as loving siblings and right now that’s all that matters as for team future and team ciara congratulations! and god bless them both from a loving loyal fan.

  8. Wow. I didn’t realize Future had such a big family. Good luck to them – at least it looks like everyone is peaceful.

  9. How nice…

  10. I think she cares very much. She’s pretending that she’s somehow managing this nonsense. That fact that Future got busted tweeting his phone number to some girl on Twitter just last week, tells me she’s wasting her time.

  11. I guess she is sucking it up for the kids

  12. Ciara is happy about her joining Futures sister wives club….

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