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Nick Cannon Shoots Down National Enquirer’s Claims Of Divorce

Did you all happen to see the super sexy pic Mariah Carey tweeted to her husband Nick Cannon for his birthday the other day?  Well apparently the folks at the National Enquirer weren’t falling for it.  They said the picture came right after they called Mariah and Nick‘s reps about rumors regarding a divorce.

Nick Cannon tweet

Now Nick and Mariah divorce rumors were circulating since they got together but I guess Nick got fed up.  He jumped on Twitter and shot down the rumors with the tweet above. I mean, I don’t believe anything the National Enquirer says but they crunched the numbers.  Do y’all know how much money Mariah would have to be protecting in the event of a divorce? 

Mariah is worth $500 MILLION DOLLARS. AMERICAN DOLLARS. Like…WHOA.  Let’s hope they don’t get divorce. Because that battle could be pretty brutal.

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