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NFL’s Ray Edwards Shows Off His Body With Plus Size Model Tiffany Bank

In an exclusive from Carlton Jordan, NFL’s Ray Edwards strips down to nothing with plus size model, Tiffany Bank for an editorial in PLUS model magazine. The very steamy and sexy photo shoot, is designed to show that women with curves are beautiful and desirable, too. Tired of stick figures on the magazine cover with the hottest athletes and celebs, well PLUS founder, Madeline Jones, and model, Tiffany Bank want to break into mainstream with a new message of acceptance:

I did this to give people the opportunity to see what they are afraid to see or haven’t seen in mainstream media. Images like this of liberation, acceptance, and celebration redefine the ideals of beauty.

Ray Edwards Tiffany Bank Plus Size Photo Shoot NFLs Ray Edwards Shows Off His Body With Plus Size Model Tiffany Bank

Check out the Not So Safe For Work photos from the PLUS via Carlton Jordan. I edited the above picture so you couldn’t see all of Ray Edward’s body, so trust me when I say there’s more to see…

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  1. my girl in AZ use to be married to his fine a**

  2. Whoa! Thats sexy i like the fact he is with a plus size model

  3. Now that’s some sexy ish.. I love the fact he used a plus size model!!! I love him even more now :)

  4. He looks yummy

  5. Great shots. Great choice of model!

  6. get picture tiffany is a pretty girl

  7. that back is sexy now I wanna see the front lol

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