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Miley Cyrus SNL Spoof: “We Did Stop” – Republican Party Shutdown Skit

Miley Cyrus hosted Saturday Night Live (SNL) tonight. Although most of the skits were pretty much a bore, this “Republican Party - We Did Stop” government shutdown spoof was by far the funniest. Except if you’re a Conservative with no sense of humor. It seems most Libs found it an ingenious piece of satire while most Cons are securing a spot for Miley in Hades. I thought it was hilarious, and they had me a Boehner.

La-di-da-di The Republican Party| Repping G.O.P doing whatever we want| This is out house, this is our rules | And we did stop [the government] | We did stop [shut that down] |

We Did Stop Miley SNL Spoof Miley Cyrus SNL Spoof: We Did Stop   Republican Party Shutdown Skit

This skit just shows how ridiculous and childish this shutdown really is. Check out the spoof below, which is going viral as I type: LMBO!

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  1. That is too funny I laughed my head off!


  3. Miley over load indeed.

  4. that’s funy

  5. Thought it was going to be lame but that was flipping funny!

  6. Miley aint shit

    • You stay hating Yazmar. Love that. LOL.

  7. Best skit of the entire night, which isn’t saying much. SNL is awful but Miley did well.

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