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Flawless: Kerry Washington Is The New Face Of Neutrogena

This makes so much sense, I don’t even know why this wasn’t happening already.  People is reporting that actress Kerry Washington is the new celebrity face of Neutrogena.  With her smooth and flawless skin on our TVs every week, it’s no wonder why they chose her.  But not only will she be a spokesperson, Kerry is also the creative consultant for the campaign, which means she gets to work with Neutrogena on the marketing as well. Get it Kerry!

Kerry Washington White Dress SAG Awards Flawless: Kerry Washington Is The New Face Of Neutrogena

In her new role, the actress will be co-creating marketing initiatives, giving product feedback,  and yes, showing off her gorgeous skin in ads. “The position is new for me and for them. It’s a way to be authentically involved in a real partnership with the company,” she says.

It’s a natural fit for the actress who already has a go-to  within the brand and who loves to talk “beauty stuff” with her Twitter followers. “Now I can be on an adventure with my fans where I’ll be able to hear feedback on the products,” she says. “I live and work in makeup so I have a perspective on how a lip color works after eight hours on the set or an hour on the red carpet.”

I love Neutrogena‘s products and I think this will be a great fit.  Can’t wait to see what Kerry comes up with!

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  1. Congrats Kerry

  2. Ouch. She used to be the face of L’Oreal. That would be a step down.

  3. Love her she is a great choice!

  4. Good for Kerry!

  5. Make that $$$$$ Kerry!

    • Oh,yeah!!!

  6. her skin is flawless i can see this

  7. Good for her. Her skin looks great in photos and on tv.

  8. I love it.

  9. They definitely picked the right person for the job because her skin is flawless

  10. Wonderful. If Ellen DeGeneres can do it, certainly there are well-qualified women of color that can be spokespersons for cosmetic companies. Neutrogena is a good line, and Kerry Washington is gorgeous, so should go well.

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