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Daredevil: Watch Beyoncé’s Freefall Jump In New Zealand

Beyoncé is continuing to make her way around the world on her Mrs. Carter World Tour.  So once she got to Auckland, New Zealand, she decided that she needed to get involved with one of New Zealand’s activities.  Freefalling!

Beyonce at Skyjump Auckland New Zealand1 Daredevil: Watch Beyoncés Freefall Jump In New Zealand

It looks like a bunch of fun and she thought so, so much, that she went through the fall TWICE!  Check it out: 


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  1. Dare devil indeed.

  2. Does not look like fun

  3. twice go bey

  4. Good for her, I would never do that…

  5. looks like fun

  6. I’d maybe try this over water, but in a City. If that harness broke, there’s no coming back from that.

  7. Yes she is a daredevil

  8. i wonder if she really did it twice

  9. My heart would’ve left my body completely! LOL!

  10. i wanna see the second jump

  11. Beyonce , Girl w/Guts and Beauty

  12. 1 Time / Proven , well done .

  13. Well isn’t she brave.

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