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Tiki Barber Expecting First Child With Wife Traci Johnson

Man oh man.  It seems like everyone is turning up pregnant nowadays.  So who’s next to hear the pitter-patter of little feet? Tiki Barber and wife Traci Johnson.  They made the announcement while filming an appearance on the talk show Bethanny.  This is his first child with Traci but Tiki has 5 other children already.

Tiki Barber Wife on Bethanny Show Tiki Barber Expecting First Child With Wife Traci Johnson

If you recall, Tiki left his wife Ginny while she was pregnant with twins.  And in July, just a mere eight days after his divorce from Ginny, who he had been married to for 11 years, he married Traci.  This sparked claims that Traci was a home wrecker and Tiki even lost his job on The Today Show over this.  Traci is due in December.  I’ll just let you guys do the math on that one and leave it at that.  Check out the clip: 
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  1. Either one of them aint s**t! Tiki cheated on his wife and left her while she was 8 months pregnant for his mistress/new wife. Traci’s a whore and he’s a dog. It won’t last good luck.

  2. He is a dog. This chick is out the door once that baby comes so she can get child support.

  3. congrats! i remember his first break up it was very messy

  4. I can’t say congrats to homewreckers as a married woman I do not approve of this NEXT

  5. Relationship consists of two or more people. Everyone married woman in the world has been a victim of cheating whether they know it or not. Cheating is not only sexual, if your husband is physically with you and thinking of another woman, and for whatever reason, he chose not to act on his thoughts, he is still cheating, because his focus is not just on you. Tiki Barber has the right to change his mind; we don’t know what happen in this marriage, only what we see. Yes, I think he is an asshole for leaving his wife during her pregnancy.

    • Agreed! People are always quick to call a woman a home wrecker without thinking that maybe, just maybe this man’s marriage was already wrecked. He may need to find himself though.

  6. She’s a fool. How can he afford this baby?

  7. Oh this is a shocker

  8. Well left one woman bare foot and pregnant and now has someone else knocked up. Traci better hope that he stays down with her…smh.

  9. Congrats to them!

  10. Great news, congrats to them!!

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