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Rihanna & Her Fans Speak On Inspiring Each Other In ‘Half Of Me’ Documentary

During her Diamonds World Tour earlier this year, Rihanna linked up with Budweiser and director Paul Griffin to assemble a documentary of sorts of not only Rihanna but her fans as well.  Called Half Of Me, the doc shows behinds the scenes clips from Rihanna‘s tour as well as interviews with her fans, known as the Navy.

Rihanna Half Of Me Documentary Rihanna & Her Fans Speak On Inspiring Each Other In Half Of Me Documentary

You can say what you want about Rihanna‘s talent but it seems pretty clear that she enjoys what she does and enjoys who she does it for.  And her fans love her back just as much as well.  Check out the full documentary below: 


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  1. That’s cute.

  2. I could look at Riri all day. So gorge.

  3. she has always been so loyal to her fans

  4. exactly its all about engaging with ur fans and giving them something to remember

  5. There is nothing inspiring about Rihanna

  6. Sweet. Riri does love her fans, but her fans are delusional if they believe she has any relationship with them.

  7. Nice rihanna is really a pop icon

  8. I love me some Ri Ri

  9. She’s pretty.

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