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Meagan Good Says Being A Minister’s Wife Will NOT Change Her Clothing

Remember a few months ago when Meagan Good came out onto the 2013 BET Awards red carpet in a I-just-can’t-believe-you’re-a-minister’s-wife dress?  When discussing the event with VladTV, she had a message for those who were talking about her dress and whether it was appropriate, considering her husband: Get over it.

BET Awards 13 Red Carpet Meagan Good Meagan Good Says Being A Ministers Wife Will NOT Change Her Clothing

I was shocked that people cared so much, you know? But I guess it’s because I’m married to a minister so they…some people feel like I should wear a turtleneck or something. But that’s not who I am.  If that’s not what God tells me to do then I’m not going to do that to make other people comfortable.

I don’t know, Meagan.  When you’re married to someone who’s a man of the Cloth, there’s a certain standard that people expect from you.  And even though you’re an entertainer, you’re still a representative of his life.  Not to say that you can’t look sexy but a dress that’s two seconds away from exposing all of your chesticles might be a bit to much.  But maybe that’s just me.  Check out the clip below: 


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  1. I agree with her though…she explained it very well at megafest and he’s a preacher he says he didn’t have a problem with it….we can’t judge them and they look soooooooooooo happy

  2. I agree she is who she is! And acting classy and looking sexy is ok

  3. I never liked Megan Good ever since seeing Eve Bayou back in the day on Starz Black..lol….idk what it is about her..I just don’t like. I am not surprised that she rather carry herself leaving little to the imagination when she is married to a man of God just because he is doesn’t mean she is..and clearly she shows she is not. Before she married her husband wasn’t she pictured with cigarettes spilling out her mouth going from club to club?

  4. She doesn’t have to change her clothes, but a good bra would be helpful. LOL

  5. I don’t know I think she should respect her husband and tone it down a bit!

  6. oh wow Megan, what’s really going on?

  7. To each is own I suppose.

  8. You are held to a different standard as a pastor’s wife. This man is supposed to be a representative of GOD, the woman he chose as a wife is supposed to be his help mate. Many leaders need to recognize the responsibility they take on as public figures. Many young people DO NOT have positive role model at home, and unfortunately have to look at public figures as examples. The dress she wore to the BET awards was completely improper and inappropriate to wear as a woman, and absolutely unacceptable as a pastor’s wife. However her image has been built on being sexy, so that’s what attracted HIM to her in the first place, because you don’t wear your personality on your sleeve. But this marriage won’t last long; I will give them maybe another 3 years. This has to be a conflict in their household.

    • Wow, three years? He was holding her hand while she walked down the red carpet, and although he’s a minister, he’s also apart of the Hollywood culture as a producer. I understand she wore it on the red carpet at the awards, but the rules is: Would you feel comfortable wearing that same dress in church. If the answer is no, then it’s inappropriate.

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