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Who knew that Greg Leakes has five children from his previous relationship?  On the premiere of I Dream Of Nene: The Wedding Special, we learned a lot about NeNe and Greg, and Greg must have been a player back in his day. Now we know why NeNe made Greg sign a pre-nup before remarrying him.

I feel like his kids have always been against me. It feels like they feel like I had something to do with Gregg and their mom breakup. It’s jus so weird that [Greg] never tried to bring us together.

NeNe Leakes Greg Wedding

IDK, I feel some kind of way about it, but it’s not my re-marriage. Anyway NeNe explains her reasoning behind the pre-nup. Why get re-married if you don’t think it will last…again, but hey at least they’re still together.  Check out the details via Impeccable Imperfections.

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