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Eddie Winslow Releases Music Video “Get It, Get It”

That’s right you read the headline correct, former Family Matters star Darius McCray released his new music video for his latest single “Get It, Get It”. I’m sure many of you are pretty thrown off like I was, but in all fairness I decided to give the music video a try and I think I’m more comfortable with watching an episode of Family Matters. Darius sat down for an interview with alwaysalist.com and discussed his music:

Music is huge in my life. I’ve been doing music all my life. Acting is what I call the wonderful accident that God placed in my life

Check out the music video below:

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  1. WHATEVER! He used to date my BFF and he used and abused her…NEXTTTTTT

  2. I wish these child stars would accept reality and get a job. Why keep chasing fame?

  3. Um…this video looks real KOCH records cheap, plus I cant get the fact that he likes DILDO’s inside his ass out of my mind…..

    • LOL. So I’m not the only one who keep thinking, “SUPER HEAD”.

  4. I can’t watch this. I just know I’m better off. :)

    • You are better off :)

  5. Come on now Darius

  6. What the hell is this??? Boy bye!

  7. Eddie needs to chill

  8. Is he really serious? His voice isn’t all that bad, but the song sucks. Who, WHY, and WHAT produced this mess…I’m in tears. I hope he doesn’t end up killing himself…

    • O_O

  9. Oh he’s still tryna sing?

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