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Big Freedia & 358 New Yorkers Break Twerking World Record

Just when you think all things related to twerking is fading into the sunset, it jumps back in your face like a spider web.  The New York Daily News was on site when New Orleans bounce music artist Big Freedia set out to break the Guinness Book of World Records twerking record. 358 twerkers gathered in Herald Square to take part in this record breaking opportunity.

Big Freedia breaks twerking record Big Freedia & 358 New Yorkers Break Twerking World Record

Photo courtesy of New York Daily News

But you couldn’t just show up and just do anything.  There were rules set out for twerking correctly.  Your hands could be on your knees, but couldn’t be around your ankles on or the ground.  You had to move your hips back and forth, with an upward and downward motion.  And you had to move simultanously for two minutes.  Random people joined the crowd. Young and old, men and women.  Check out the video below


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  1. How long will it take for Miley tries to break the record.

  2. I am weary of the words twerk and twerking. It’s been going on for a decade now and mainstream media has caught on, unfortunately.

  3. The twerking craze continues!!!

  4. Twerking is too mainstream now (if you know what i mean). However, I hope Freedia got a nice check for this.

    LMaOOOOO at some of the “twerkers”

  5. Ha! Hilarious.

  6. LOL. That looked like fun. Ridiculous. But fun! Miley will go after it.

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