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Now that Matthew Knowles is out of the picture, Beyonce’s ex, Lyndell Locke, is speaking out, again. The last time we’d heard from him was four years ago when he claimed in that interview that he was over Beyonce and in a happy place in his life. He also insinuated that the forces that be *whispers Matthew Knowles* drove a wedge between him and Beyonce which caused them to break up.

Now in a recent interview with The Sun, Lyndell claims Beyonce is the the love of his life. It hurts that he lost her to Jay Z and he admits he cheated on her five times. He also reveals that they did not believe in sex before marriage, which is probably the real reason why he cheated. Beyonce has so moved on, and this poor cat is lamenting over a love he lost 13 years ago. Mind you they broke up when Beyonce was like 19.

Beyonce Highschool Boyfriend Lyndell

Anyway if you want to read the full interview where Lyndell talks about their first kiss, and why he cheated on her, you can check it out via Necole Bitchie. But me, I’m more interested in these high school pics of Queen B

Beyonce High School Boyfriend Lyndell Pics

Oh, and this is what heart-broken Mr. Lyndell Locke looks like today…

Lyndell Locke Beyonce First Boyfriend

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