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Tyson Beckford Talks About Death Threats & Being Shot At

Model Tyson Beckford is an impressive specimen of a man.  And I forget that he grew up in the hood.  But Tyson talked about his childhood experiences and his reactions to receiving death threats on Twitter, according to MSN News.  Since he’s started a recent stint on Ireland’s Next Top Model, it appears that people have been sending death threats to him. WTF?

A Night To Remember Tyson Beckford

 The star was raised in The Bronx when it was a notorious gangster heartland during the 1970s and ’80s, and in his youth, he experienced the tough reality of life on the streets first hand. He is adamant his background has made him immune to fear and he was unruffled when he was recently bombarded with death threats on Twitter.com relating to his judging role on U.K. TV talent show Britain and Ireland’s Next Top Model. Beckford reported the threats to bosses at the series’ Sky network, and he now makes sure he keeps his personal details offline and never gives away his location. He tells Britain’s The Sun newspaper, “I got a lot of negative tweets… I got death threats: ‘We’re coming to shoot you when you come to London’. I come from America, I’m coming from ganglands. It ain’t like I haven’t been shot at before. Bring it on buddy!”

Look at these internet thugs getting bold. SMH  I bet 99% of them wouldn’t say a mumbling word if they were actually face-to-face with the people they threaten in real life.  The anonymity of the internet makes men of mice.  But Tyson is doing his due diligence and alerted Sky Network of what’s going on, plus no longer talking about where he is & posting pictures hours after his departure from certain spots.  I don’t blame him.  Can’t be too careful nowadays.

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