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Toni Braxton’s Dress Peforming “Da Butt” – Serious Wardrobe Malfunction

Toni Braxton’s dress kept heading south during a recent concert in New Brunswick, NJ. The singer didn’t skip a beat. Ms Toni kept on singing and dancing while adjusting her dress. Hey, the show must go on, even if your dress keeps exposing your rear end while you’re performing. That’s a true professional.


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  1. Toni got bills…so yeah she kept it moving

  2. LOL! What a trooper! Love the Toni!!!

    • She is a true performer…I would have ran off of that stage so fast.

  3. Well damn…

  4. Yikes that is embarrassing…

  5. embarrassing…But a good publicity stunt and a story line for BFV

  6. Toni needs to stop with these type of barely there outfits. It’s borderline trashy and not sexy.

  7. wow not a good look

  8. Well, that ass still looks great, and its not like she hasn’t shown it to us before. She ain’t got no worries! lol

  9. She was classy with it

  10. Yikes at least she kept it classy!

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