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Tameka Raymond Loses Emergency Custody Hearing…Usher Makes Peace Offering

Tameka Foster and Usher Raymond came face to face during another contentious battle played out in front of the world for the custody of Usher VTameka Raymond filed for an emergency custody hearing after Usher V nearly drowned while in his father’s custody, due to a uncovered drain in the pool. After hearing both sides of the case, the judge dismissed Tameka’s suit to regain primary custody of both Usher V and Naviyd Raymond. Tameka failed to prove that Usher was an unfit father with incompetent caregivers. The accident at the pool was just that, a very tragic accident.

In the end, Usher proved he has a heart and offered a few words of encouragement to Tameka, followed by a hug.

Maybe there’s hope for these two to co-parent without the drama.

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