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The Roots, Jimmy Fallon & Robin Thicke Sing ‘Blurred Lines’ Using Classroom Instruments

If it hasn’t been revealed to the general public before, I bet it’s revealed now: The Roots are like the Justice League of Hip Hop.  They can do incredible things, with all types of music.  And I’m so glad Jimmy Fallon uses them on his show because they’re awesome.  I mean, who else can take elementary classroom musical instruments and accompany Robin Thicke for a version of Blurred Lines?

Robin Thicke, Jimmy Fallon, The Roots sing Blurred Lines

Not many people, I can tell you that.  And even if you’re tired of hearing this song, this spin on it makes it refreshing and catchy.  How many of the instruments that they’re playing did y’all play with in elementary school? I count about four familiar ones, myself. Check it out! 


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