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New Michael Jackson Album Being Produced by Timbaland

With the recent passing of Micheal Jackson’s 55th Birthday, an exclusive interview with Timbaland was released by Revolt TV. When asked about his upcoming projects he revealed that he has a new Micheal Jackson album that should be completed before this year is over. The idea was presented to him by L.A Reid, and it was definitely something he couldn’t deny. Timbaland also revealed that the first single will be a song called “Chicago”. I must admit that a Timbaland and Michael Jackson collaboration is something I never would have expected, but is such a great move and will only build on top of the amazing legacy the King of Pop has left behind.

Check out the interview below:

What do you guys think of Timbaland producing a new Michael Jackson album?

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  1. timba is back being hot thanks to Jay z and roc nation

  2. This should be good! Love MJ may he rest in peace!

  3. Hmmmm not sure if it’s the right time for another MJ album.

  4. hopefully he can pull this off

  5. he has been working on this album for years

  6. Sounds great, I will be checking it out!

  7. I don’t know about this

  8. Good luck to him, hopefully this isn’t a mess.

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