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Let’s Discuss: Pastor Fired After Attending Rick Ross Concert

You know, it must not be easy to live the life of The Cloth.  While as humans we inherently aren’t perfect, people in the church clergy are held to a higher standard, with their lives forever being under a microscope.  And here’s a case in point: AmericaPreachers.com posted a story about a pastor who was voted out of his church after attending a Rick Ross concert.

Rick Ross BET's Rip The Runway

Pastor Rodney Wills was just about to reach 4 years at Mt. Salem Baptist Church. He is the youngest pastor to be installed at 26 years old and is now the shortest term pastor  in Mt. Salem’s 109 year history. On Saturday, Mt. Salem voted him out for attending a local Rick Ross concert. With a vote of 11 to 3, the 14 deacons met at 11pm Saturday night to discuss and come to a conclusion that they did not need his services anymore.

Rev. Wills arrived to the church the next day for Sunday morning worship service and notice his parking sign taken down and his name removed from the office door. The deacons even asked another minister from the community to officiate the service that morning.

LAWD!!! They had a meeting THAT NIGHT!! Didn’t even wait until the next day, wow!  One of the deacons shared that this wasn’t the first time they heard about the young pastor at a rap concert.  Some of the young church members reported that he attended a Lil Wayne concert in the past.  Here’s my thing: when you take up a life of a pastor, you just gotta realize there are some sacrifices that you have to make to live a life that’s in a higher standard of others.  And going to a rap concert just isn’t a good look.  What do you think?  Do you think the church acted appropriately or is this ridiculous?

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