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Chris Brown is getting some much needed rest on the heels of a long negative news cycle. From having 1000 community service hours added to his probation; suffering from a stress related seizure; to having his concerts in Canada cancelled due to “health reasons,” or the fact that many of the sponsors started pulling out due to his criminal past; Team Breezy just can’t seem to catch a break.

So what does Chris Brown do?

this what the f*** I come home to lmao this ni**a, man

Chris Spray Paints Graffti Karrueche Car

Graffiti his girlfriend’s Porsche (well technically his Porsche), pack up his bags, grab his girl, and go on a much needed vacation. Please get some rest! Unlike many, I’m not rooting for this young man to fail. I want him to succeed and be the best person he can be. The constant negativity is taking a toll on him…

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