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Chris Brown Takes A Vacation With Karrueche; Spray Paints His Porsche!

Chris Brown is getting some much needed rest on the heels of a long negative news cycle. From having 1000 community service hours added to his probation; suffering from a stress related seizure; to having his concerts in Canada cancelled due to “health reasons,” or the fact that many of the sponsors started pulling out due to his criminal past; Team Breezy just can’t seem to catch a break.

So what does Chris Brown do?

this what the f*** I come home to lmao this ni**a, man

Chris Spray Paints Graffti Karrueche Car Chris Brown Takes A Vacation With Karrueche; Spray Paints His Porsche!

Graffiti his girlfriend’s Porsche (well technically his Porsche), pack up his bags, grab his girl, and go on a much needed vacation. Please get some rest! Unlike many, I’m not rooting for this young man to fail. I want him to succeed and be the best person he can be. The constant negativity is taking a toll on him…

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  1. Urmmm, I don’t think he is getting any rest or rerelaxing. Have you seen his latest tweets? He went on a rant last night n this morning. I like the boy but he needs some sort of help…we can’t keep turning a blind eye to all the shit he does. I really hope he gets the help he desperately needs.

    • Yes, he needs a vacation and a good therapist. He does need help, but there is only so much negativity one person can take. I think this young man is about to have a serious breakdown.

      The rant was in defense of his art, probation, and being attacked. He thinks he can take on the world and the law, and he’s sadly learning that the world will take him out. He better lean on Jesus!

  2. they won’t stop until he takes his life…sad I love chris

  3. She’s loving the attention

  4. CHris was bored it seems…

  5. Haha! his Porshe. Lol. Well, you do have a point.

  6. ughhhh he is horrible…. a bored little spoiled brat!

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