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Chris Brown’s Hit & Run Charges Dismissed By Judge!!!

Chris Brown has been under a lot of stress over this hit-and-run case, and luckily for him the judge didn’t see any merit in the case. Just days ago the singer suffered a seizure and attributed the cause to stress and negativity. In this particular case the paparazzi played a HUGE part in saving Chris Brown’s arse, and debunking the “victim’s” outrageous claims.

Chris Brown Court With Rihanna Mother Chris Browns Hit & Run Charges Dismissed By Judge!!!

Mark Geragos, Chris Brown’s lawyer said this case shouldn’t have gotten this far, and blames the City Attorney for pushing the case because of who Chris Brown is and not because of a crime:

The case never should have been filed in the first place.  It’s unfortunate he was being prosecuted for who he is rather than what he’s done. {Read the rest at TMZ}

Hopefully Breezy learned a lot from this and will stay low until his probation is complete. He’s marked with a Scarlet Letter. He will need to learn how to channel the negativity.

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  1. I wonder how he got out of this one? someone got paid off!

    • Because there is no evidence to show that he yelled or tried to hurt her. He has a valid VA driver’s license, and there was no damage or injuries so no need to call the cops. This should have never gotten this for. I understand not liking him, but petty charges are wrong, too.

  2. As if we already didn’t know that. Celebs get away with murder!

    • But he really didn’t do anything to warrant these charges. The girl had no evidence to back up her claims, thus the reason it was dropped. Most people get off for things like this because they are never charged in the first place.

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