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Benzino Leaks His Own Selfies?

Benzino is the next celebrity in line to have “leaked photos” hit the net. It happens so often that it’s not even news anymore.

Now, I’m just trying to figure out if Benzino leaked the pics himself, or if this is the dirty work of someone else like Ms Karlie Redd. Either way we have us a NAPP (Not Another Peen Pic)…

Benzino Nude Pics Leaked Benzino Leaks His Own Selfies?

Now you know, I can’t post the NSFW pics here. But Yazmar just might have them; right here. -_0




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  1. thank god he is not naked

  2. Not impressed not one bit.

  3. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nice body to be a little old

  5. ughh, pass!!!

  6. Why is he taking naked pics anyway??? SMDH!

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