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What’s Beef? Oprah Winfrey Cussed Out By Former Co-Star

Its amazing how long some people can hang on to bad feelings.  Let me say, stuff like that isn’t good for your karma.  Outside of extreme cases, you gotta let that stuff go.  But I guess that’s all some people have to talk about. TMZ shared a bit of an audio clip from an interview actress Rae Dawn Chong with Matty P’s Radio Happy Hour where she basically lays into Oprah Winfrey.

Rae Dawn Chong Whats Beef? Oprah Winfrey Cussed Out By Former Co Star

Talking a bit about her “biotch” attitude, she goes on to describe Oprah as competitive and self-centered…but then ends the clip by talking about what an inspiration she is. WTF? Squeak sounds like she’s on that stuff. Check it out, when you continue… 


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  1. her whole fly is a hot mess

  2. But didn’t Oprah have a Color Purple reunion a few years back and she was invited to the show. What she so damn angry! lol

  3. where is she and where is big O

  4. A mess in a half!!!

  5. Yep, she came on the Oprah show during the Color Purple Reunion…and she said some slick stuff then on air. not many people caught it tho

  6. She wanted attention and she got it. SMH.

  7. Yes, she just want some attention…what’s her name anyways…lol?

  8. she is old wack and no one cares O is da queen of media

  9. Wonder what is up with her??

  10. smh

  11. Oh she done lost her mind!! Trying to go on Oprah

  12. And her point is??

  13. I would curse her out too I find her super annoying!

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