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SIKE!! DJ Khaled’s Marriage Proposal To Nicki Minaj Was A Promo For A New Single

So last week, DJ Khaled took himself onto MTV and proposed marriage to Nicki Minaj. Had a big ole ring and everything. And word on the street was that Nicki filed for a restraining order because of it.  Well, now MTV has shared that the whole thing was a stunt.  DJ Khaled released a new single called I Wanna Be With You off of his upcoming album Suffering From Success.

UCO 002622 SIKE!! DJ Khaleds Marriage Proposal To Nicki Minaj Was A Promo For A New Single

Khaled’s now legendary proposal on MTV offered a few clues that might have tipped off listeners to the fact that the ultimate hip-hop hype machine was doing his usual thing, including his use of a phrase describing why he and Minaj were perfect for each other: “We got the same symptoms, we’re both suffering from success.”

I, for one, didn’t believe it when I heard it.  I guess when you write about some of these celebs often enough, you can kind of catch a feel for what seems likely.  And this ain’t it.  The single, which features Nicki, Rick Ross and Future, isn’t really half bad.  Check it out, when you continue… 

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  1. As we all knew it was just a publicity stunt.. These celebs know how to market lol!

  2. fake and wack

  3. fake asses i knew it

  4. I’m not surprised he’s always been a clown.

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